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When will schools are opening in Punjab 2020 – Important News

صوبائی وزیر سکول ایجوکیشن پنجاب ڈاکٹر مراد راس کا پنجاب بھر میں سکول کھولنے کے حوالے سے اہم ٹویٹ۔

Will schools in Punjab are opening or not from 1st June 2020

Earlier on Tuesday, their is a rumors in many social media pages and local newspapers reported saying that all public and
private schools are reopening from the first of the next month (1st June 2020)

also there is a discussion that soon after the Eid, the education department will start conducting exams across the province.

The representative of Punjab government, the provincial minister for School Education, Mr. Murad Raashas dismiss this fake news and categorically
denied any official announcement regarding the reopening of schools and colleges from june 2020.

He tweets on Twitter :

Let it be very CLEAR for all concerned. No decision has been made regarding opening of schools on June 1st, 2020. Discussions are underway. Lives of our Children & Honorable Teachers is priority number one. Everything else can wait. Unless you hear from me, rest is FAKE NEWS!
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