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Udemy – The Academy of You!

In a world that is full of competition and everything is fast-paced, it is very important to catch the pace. It is more like running with the tick-tock of the clock, you cannot stay behind either you can be ahead of it. You need to be fully-laced to prove yourself in today’s world. In the last two decades, the world has witnessed and experienced a rapid and drastic change – technological change. It is the impact of technological advancements and developments that we can call the world a Global Village. This implies that the world is slowly and gradually is turning into virtual reality.

Where technology has shaped and reshaped many fields of our lives, there it is left a huge impact on the education sector around the globe. Now if you cannot afford to go to your college or university, physically, then you can get your desired degree online. The concept of Distance Learning roots back to 1965, but the best use of it can be observed now. There are multiple Online Learning platforms and one of them is Udemy – The Academy of You!

Providing multiple online courses to millions of students around the globe, Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms. Although it has some short-coming which will be discussed later on, for the sake of upgrading skills, and improving credentials, Udemy is the best option.

An Overview of Udemy:

A concept of delivering online lectures to millions of students and education seekers out there, the creators Eren Bali, GaganBiyani, and OktayCalgar started Udemy back in 2010. It is an American Online Distance Learning platform that aims at providing opportunities to professional adults and students.

It is reported that by Jan 2020, the website has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors serving teaching courses in more than 65 languages. Furthermore, an estimated 295 million course enrollments have been registered. This huge number of students and instructors comes from more than 190 countries of the world. Out of which 2/3 students are based in the United States.

Multiple Languages:

The courses at Udemy are available in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, and German. This implies that students and professionals around the world have been enjoying the services of Udemy and that it is a trustworthy platform to invest your time.

A Platform for Organizations:

Udemy isn’t about students and teachers only; it has multiple options for corporate organizations aiming at developing and drafting specific or general training courses for employees. As of Jan 202, the platform has more than 150,000 courses on the website which is helping students, instructors, and employers equally.

Udemy is a platform that is not only helping students improve their grades in schools but also in upgrading job-related skills. Apart from this, all those who fall in the category of Working Class can update and improve their skillset or further they can acquire a new skill. It will help them in moving upward in the hierarchy. It is believed that having additional technical skills can boost your career.

A Golden Opportunity for Beginners:

For beginners and students, Udemy is proving to be a favorite place to learn something new; a course or skill. In today’s competitive world, everyone wants to be laced with almost all the technical skills in different fields. For instance, if you are good at developing content than having knowledge of Graphic Desiging can be a plus, in fact, today employers prefer such human resources. That is one of the reasons behind the success of Udemy that students take the available courses as a means of improving and learning new skills.

Instructors’ Autonomy:

Instructors are allowed to develop and build online courses of their own choice. It gives these instructors a sense of autonomy in job and therefore they take keen interest in investing time in research and drafting courses for learning and training purposes. Different tools are utilized by these instructors in reaching out to masses such as PowerPoint Presentations, PDFs, Audio Lectures, ZIP files. Sometimes, they keep live sessions to create courses; also they engage and interact with students and other users including employers through online discussion boards.

Vast Categories of Courses:

The courses offered at Udemy include Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Academics, Language, Health and Fitness, Technology and Music. The practical subjects such as Excel Software and using iPhone Camera are frequently taught to the students and users. Another course that has been receiving appreciation from the Business Community is Udemy Business. The course enables different businesses to reach out to the target audience. The Business course covers more than 4000 training topics ranging from Digital Marketing to Office Productivity to Designing and Management etc. Udemy Business is helping organizations in creating custom learning portals for different training.

Earn Money:

Udemy is a good platform for Instructors to make some money out of the courses they offer. A report from 2015 suggests that the top 10 instructors at Udemy earned more than $17 million in total revenue. So you have a good chance of earning some bucks while working as an instructor at Udemy.

Best Use of Technology:

They are also using technology for their best interest, as of 2013, Udemy introduced an app for Apple iOS, and later in 2014, they enrolled an Android App for Android users. In Jan 2014, more than 1 million people downloaded the Apple iOS app. More than 20% of the users access Udemy via mobile phones. In 2016, Udmey achieved another milestone by expanding its platform to Apple TV. And as of Jan 2020, the Udemy app becomes top-grossing Android App in India by securing #1 spot.

Despite becoming a huge success story over a decade still the Udemy certification received by users and students is not recognizable by employers and institutes. This means that even if you complete a course at Udemy and get a certificate for it, it won’t be counted towards college credit.

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