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Finance Interview Questions | Accounts Interview Questions

If your pursuing to grow your career in Accounts and Finance field and you have been invited for an interview for finance and accounts job. You should have to make sure you’re well prepared and confident regarding your upcoming interview. Here we will help you how to tackle finance Interview Questions.

Below is the list of some of the most commonly asked finance interview questions and answers that can help you in your next finance job interview.

List of some most frequently asked finance interview questions and their answers

1-Why have you chosen to work in finance?

When answering this question, you can tell the interviewer that you are very passionate about the field of finance. You can also say that as finance job requires problem-solving skills and it involve fixing complex mathematical problems and you are very good in these type of activities.

2-If you will be appointed as a CFO of the company, what would be your top priority?

CFO top priority is to maximize wealth of the company by whatever means necessary.
Cost reduction, restructuring of business or portfolio, improving working capital, finding good capital investments etc. can improve company wealth.

3-How will you describe goodwill of a company?

Goodwill is an intangible asset, it is the extra value paid by the acquiring company over the net book value of its assets. Goodwill is the reputation of a company which enables it to earn higher returns, in comparison to the normal returns earned by other companies in the same business.

4- Describe working capital of the company?

Working capital is the difference between the current assets and the current liability of the company.

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