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DigiSkills – A Platform full of Opportunities!

In recent times, the spike in demand for outsourcing businesses and skillsets has been observed. Freelancing and virtual job demand are increasing in numbers in Asian Countries. The reason behind this increase is that labor in countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh is cheaper than labor in foreign countries. India has been considered a hub of Outsource Businesses. The United Kingdom and the United States-based companies find India a hotspot for Outsourcing their businesses. While Pakistan on the other hand is gradually emerging another hotspot for Outsource Businesses.

The Emergence of Outsource Businesses in Pakistan:

With the changing demand for jobs and the world going digital, the Government of Pakistan realizes the need for a platform where the potential youth can get trained for Outsourced Business Market. Although, there are multiple international platforms that working on the principle of outsourcing assignments and jobs such as Fiverr, but the competition on these platforms is sky-high. It won’t be wrong to say that despite the high demand for labor the market on these outsourcing platforms is saturated. Those who have already made their presence by hard work get paid jobs easily but if someone is new on these websites, he/she will struggle severely to get noticed.

Anyhow, the Outsource Businesses are becoming a new trend and therefore the Ministry of Information and Technology of Pakistan has launched a platform with the name of DigiSkills to provide the potential youth with the best of training programs. These well-drafted training programs can help you polish your skills more.

What is DigiSkills?

DigiSkills.Pk is a comprehensive platform with the most demanded training programs regarding the digital skills industry. Realizing the change in dynamics of the market and how it can add value to the economy, the Government of Pakistan has introduced DigiSkills Training Program. As said earlier, Outsourced Business can help in generating an economic activity that can bring healthy revenues to the country. Another plus of tapping into the opportunities that come along with Outsource Business is that it allows you to work from the comfort of your home.

Pakistan is the country which has given the world hundred and thousands of Freelancers in the past couple of years and therefore it has grabbed the fourth position in the list of countries providing these freelancers to the world. This means that Pakistan is the fourth largest provider of Freelancer’s talent to the world. These Freelancers are brining foreign remittances in millions and billions. Although, the actual figure of these remittances is unknown yet it is estimated that these online outsource services generate $500 million to $1.3 billion annually.

Looking at the promising numbers that a small fraction of the country can bring, Pakistan has the chance to increase the number of Freelancers and provide them with the best of the services they need. By investing in the human resource demanded and needed in this growing Outsource Business Industry, Pakistan can bring invaluable foreign exchange while overcoming the unemployment. Platforms like DigiSkills can help hundreds of fresh graduates passing out each year.

The Main Purpose:

DigiSkills is a large scale national Training Program conceived and launched by the Ministry of Information and technology across the country with 1 million training programs for the future using technology. To fulfill the purpose of executing this brilliant idea, the Virtual University of Pakistan has been assigned the responsibility.

The main aim of The DigiSkills Program is to equip and train freelancers, students, housewives, professionals, etc alike. They are given training on skills, tools, techniques, and knowledge required to grab the opportunities available in international and national online marketplaces to earn money. Another purpose of launching this platform across the country is to develop specialized skills and impart knowledge about freelancing and entrepreneurial opportunities essential to excel in online marketplaces.

The DigiSkills Program is eyeing to train the workforce mainly in these following fields:


E-Commerce Management

Digital Marketing

Digital Literacy



Word Press

Graphics Design

Creative Writing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A Platform Full of Opportunities:

The DigiSkills Program is holding a mission of building a workforce that is characterized by innovation and initiatives. Because in the past couple of years the companies have started outsourcing main functional areas such as HR, Marketing, and Accounting to freelancers out there. And now the need to providing these potentially talented youth with a platform where they can upgrade and polish their skills has become inevitable. The Outsource marketplaces are full of diversity which implies that they are full of opportunities for different skillsets and therefore the workforce needs to talented and fully-equipped with new skills. DigiSkills understand this and therefore Training and Education are the main features of the platform.

DigiSkills aims at inculcating women and young girls into the economy by bringing them into the digital marketplace. By doing so, it will not only help the local economy to boost but address the growing demand for freelancers and increase the healthy competition. Bringing the female workforce in action through digital platforms will not only help families meet their financial ends but improve the overall lifestyle.

E-Commerce is another productive industry that can boost the economy of Pakistan if given the opportunity to polish skills. The people belonging to e-commerce can register themselves on the website to upgrade and learn new technical skills.

Some of the other main areas on which DigiSkills want to work are:

1) To increase the number of freelancers in the country.

2) To increase the number of hours worked by per freelancer.

3) To increase earnings per hour or per project.

4) To increase household income.

5) To increase financial inclusion

6) To increase IT exports

7) To increase the number of experts and professionals in specialized skills.

Who can join DigiSkills Program?

The potential youth and mostly the untapped or hidden talent of Pakistan can easily join the DigiSkills Program. In specific categories:

a) Students aiming at starting a career while studying.

b) Housewives looking for options to increase the overall household income.

c) Freelancers who want to improve their skillsets.

d) Professionals aiming to explore new horizons in order to earn some bucks by offering their valuable services to the national and international markets.

e) Entrepreneurs looking to set their own startups.

How you can join DigiSkills?

It is easy to join DigiSkills.

1st Step: Sign Up

2nd Step: Complete the trainee Profile

3rd Step: Get enrolled in your desired courses

4th Step: Start Studying your favorite and selected courses

5th Step: Take assessments, quizzes, and exercise of studying courses

6th Step: Complete your selected course by attempting and submitting quizzes

7th Step: In the end, you will be awarded a certificate of the completed course.

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