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10 Best Testing Services Providers in Pakistan!

Testing Services Providers are demanded organizations all over the world. It is due to the fact that they act as a catalyst in the process recruitment and selection. They provide testing facilities based on easy-to-follow methods. These testing services providers are proving to be beneficial for many organizations and educational institutes. They add value to the recruitment and selection process of organizations and institutes.

In Pakistan, the first-ever testing services provider was established in 2002 under the name of National Testing Services (NTS). It is a widely known and famous testing services provider among organizations. Although, later on, many other reliable testing services providers surfaced in the market. Today, my main focus would be on the Testing Services Providers working in Pakistan!

1. National Testing Service – Pakistan (NTS):

The pioneer of testing services providers in Pakistan is NTS. Initiating the process of testing services by establishing an organization back in 2002, NTS is now the most popular and reliable testing service provider in Pakistan. It was established in response to the need for testing service in the National Education Policy, the Information Technology and Policy of Government of Pakistan.

What NTS offer

National Testing Services provides testing services to the Education Sector, Banking Sector, IT Industry, and many more. They help in conducting tests and assessments for admissions, scholarships, recruitment & selection, and promotions.

Being in the market for the last 17 years, NTS is playing a vital role in promoting and supporting merit and quality education at the higher education level. Sticking to the core-values, NTS promises excellences, quality, efficiency, accuracy, fairness, credibility and reliability of the entire testing system. They also strictly follow the transparency policy and ensure it at every level. Check out more here:

2. Pakistan Testing Service (PTS):

After NTS, the widely known name in the testing services provider is PTS. Pakistan Testing Service facilitates employees’ recruitment and job applicants.

Tests like EAT, MAT, OMT and RTS, etc are conducted by PTS. It is a reliable and trust-worthy testing services provider in Pakistan. PTS ensures transparency, reliability, accuracy and excellence through their testing service.  For further details click here:

3. Candidates Testing Service (CTS):

To further support public and private sector institutes in the recruitment process, CTS was established which is an independent, professional, and self-sustained organization. They provide a testing system based on comprehensive research and experience. CTS also, help organizations and education institute identify the loopholes in their systems.

Many public and private companies are taking the help of CTS in the recruitment and selection process. As the name of the service suggests that, it is primarily designed for companies looking for the best candidates for jobs. Many universities and colleges are also taking the help of CTS in entry and admission tests. Find out more details on

4. Open Testing Service (OTS):

Although OTS is new in the market it is gaining its momentum with many organizations. It is getting popular among private companies for its services like Data Management, Data Screening, Testing and Assessments, Training Programs, and Capacity Building.

It was established in 2012 with the aim to provide transparently and cost-effective testing service to its national and international customers. From the last 8 years, OTS has helped organizations in finding the best human resources in Pakistan. Check out more on

5. Universal Testing Service (UTS):

UTS is another reliable testing service provider in Pakistan. They believe in their core values and aspire to ensure the true essence of testing and assessment with the aim of utmost integrity and growth of the institutions.

They provide services in customized and tailored tests to educational institutions and companies. They have a zero-tolerance policy and promise fair and credible assessment solutions for hiring employees. They believe in a high level of professionalism with social values to help companies and the education sector grow. For details:

6. Career Testing Services Pakistan (CTSP):

CTSP is established as an acknowledged body to provide excellent testing and assessment services to national and international organizations while keeping professionalism intact.

They are experts in educational tests such as UET, GET (General and Subject), CET, and IAT along with Professional Tests like EET, I.T-ET, MET (Marketing and Medical), OAT, ORT, and TET.

They are providers of Consulting Services, Data Processing, and Monitoring Services. Click here to read more:

7. Allied Testing Service (ATS):

They are new in the market but gaining a reputation for their fool-proof, transparent, and cost-effective testing services. ATS claims to support and promote merit. They corruption-free and zero-tolerance policy is the core advantage of their testing services.

They have test centers located in almost more than 40 major cities of Pakistan while managing more than 5,000 applicants per city.

They conduct UAT-UG test for universities, UAT-Medical test for Medical Colleges, UAT-PG for universities, and UAT-Engineering for Engineering Colleges along with Customized Assessments according to clients’ requirements. For more details:

8. Interior Testing Service (ITS):

ITS is a self-governing organization that provides testing and assessment services to private and public sectors including educational institutes. They help in the recruitment and selection process by designing transparent, credible, and accurate tests for an organization which enable them to gather the best human resource required.
They also help organizations identify the flaws and gaps in the system and provide them concrete counter-active measures.

They offer their services for Recruitment Tests, Admission Tests, and General Assessment Tests to different private, public, and government organizations.

They are experts in offering International Internships, Educational Consultancy, and Human Resource Solutions. Click for further info:

9. Global Testing Services (GTS):

A self-sustained testing service provider GTS, conducts tests and assessments for Scholarships, Entry Tests, Admissions, Recruitment, and Selection purposes. Their continuous effort to improve the testing services in Pakistan is making them tough competition in the Market. They claim to continue using technology in making assessments and testing more fair and transparent in Pakistan.

They offer Consultation Services to the education sector in teachers’ training. For other institutions, they offer consultancy in Capacity Building, Technical Assistance, and many more.
Apart from Consultation, they offer Data Processing Services and Monitoring Services. Click Here for more details:

10. Multi Testing Service (MTS):

MTS has been established as an autonomous and self-sustained body for conducting tests and assessment in Pakistan. They are experts in conducting employment tests and entrance tests.
They believe in merit and fairness of the testing process.

They are providers of a variety of testing services. They provide testing services in Online Examination, Computer Based Testing, and Training & Quality Testing. They conduct Employment Screen Test (EST), Engineering Entrance Exam (EEE), CMAT (Management & Medical), Pharmacy Admission Test (PAT), Nursing Admission Test (NAT), Skill Assessment Test (SAT), Hotel Management  Admission Test (HMAT), Higher Education Admission Test (HAT) and Allied Health Admission Test (AHAT). Click here for more details:

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